User's manual

The result table

You see a list of all your current reclamation objects within JET. There are shown the receipt number, the artikel number, the serial number, the description, description II, the count of the articles, the status, the data of the last change of status, the error descrioption, the errorcode, the servicetype, the mandant, the customer number, the customer name, customere reference I + II (optinal, used jet internal, partly not filled), the country and the postal code.

Total count of data sets

Above the results table the count of the datasets is shown.

Tracking in status delivered with UPS

If the device is delivered you can see the status within the delivering process within the UPS tracking system by klicking on the link on the receipt number.

Sort the table

The result table can be sorted by klicking on the header of the colum of the table.

More than 50 datasets

If there are more than 50 datasets, they are displayed on more than one site. In the drop- down field below, you can navigate to the next site by choosing.

CSV Export

With this feature you can easily save the data, you selected on the website to your system and work on with them.

To use this feature in the whole scale follow the described steps:

  • Click on the link: CSV- Export 
  • If you use Windows / Office XP: Just press: Open 
  • If you use other versions: 
  • Press save and save the file on your system 
  • Start MS Excel and open the file you stored befor from there.

You get the whole data in MS Excel and can now work with them.

Log out

With the log out button you can log out.


If you have further questions please contact by mail or by phone + 49 3644- 517 264.